What information we collect

FetcherX cares about your privacy. In order to enable you to use our services normally, we will collect the following information about you.
For fields marked (MD5 encryption), we will not store your real information, we will store it after MD5 encryption. ( MD5 - Wikipedia )

Why collect your country?

We may provide customized services according to your country.

We will obtain country information based on your IP address, but we will not store your IP address

Why collect your device ID?

In order to prevent malicious registration, we will obtain your device ID, and we will store it after MD5 encryption.

Ghost account

Ghost account can protect your privacy, your email and username will also be stored after MD5 encryption.

After you enable the ghost account, you can't share anything

Sharing with trusted third parties

We use Google Analytics and Google Admob for analysis and advertising, which means they may collect and analyze your information.

Termination of service & Delete your data

You can terminate our service at any time, after you delete account, we will no longer keep any of your information, and your data will not be recoverable

Data retention strategy

To ensure data security, we will back up the data every day, and the backup data will be kept for up to 30 days. This means that when you delete your account, it may take 30 days to clean up.

Community Guidelines

We do not allow users to post and share

We have the right to delete content that violates the Community Guidelines

Sensitive content

Contains NSFW content. We will mark as sensitive content. For users in some countries, we will restrict viewing and sharing of sensitive content.

Our Policy Towards Children

Our Services are not directed to persons under 13. If you become aware that your child used our services without your consent, please contact us. we take steps to remove such information and terminate the child’s account.

If you use the FetcherX service, it means that you agree our privacy policy. We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we revise the privacy policy, we will inform you

If you do not agree with the above privacy policy, please delete the account and delete the application immediately