Provide you with the most convenient video collection solution

Save videos and pictures from any web page

When using the browser provided in FetcherX to visit the webpage, you can long press to save the picture.

When a downloadable video is detected, click the pop-up download button to save the video.

Cloud storage

FetcherX provides free storage space and you can save directly to cloud storage. You can also upload local pictures and videos.

Pictures and videos can be categorized by folder and grouping functions, and tags can be added to facilitate searching.

Social platform API access

FetcherX can directly view the pictures and videos of Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram users without logging in.

Optimized for Twitter, you can view the user's tweets, reposts, and likes. You can also view the content posted by the following users in the timeline

Subscribe and Search

You can subscribe to Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram users in FetcherX and display them in the timeline.

Supports global search of Twitter and Tumblr content as well as search among your subscribed users.

Image vision

FetcherX will recognize your saved image information, including labels and a list of websites that contain the image.

You can find more relevant images through labels and websites and Google searches.